Fantasy adventures for young adults


The Great Forest of Shee

A young adult fantasy novel

amazonReleased May 7, 2015


Fifteen-year old Griffin’s father is deathly ill and speaks a mysterious phrase to Griffin, who must figure it out and then find the magical opal it refers to. His search takes him to The Great Forest of Shee, the Land of Faerie, where he is helped by many of those who live there. After finding the Opal and attempting to carry it out of The Great Forest, he must use all of his wits and intelligence to figure out a way to accomplish his task and save his father’s life.  Griffin and his father must go back to The Great Forest to rescue his mother from the Wild Hunt, where she is held prisoner.  And finally Griffin must return once more to Shee to return the Opal to its rightful home and save the Great Forest itself from disappearing forever.

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