Fantasy adventures

The Great Forest of Shee

An imprint of Melange Books, LLC

“Find Arizopal!”

With those words from his desperately ill father, fifteen year-old Griffin begins his journey to the Great Forest of Shee, a mystical place, and difficult to navigate.

The Great Forest is Faerie itself and during his quest, Griffin will meet many magical and sometimes fearsome dwellers there. Befriended by some, challenged by others, Griffin finds he is not the person he thought he was. But who is he?

He has to use his wits and call on new friends to figure out first, how to save his father, next, how to rescue his mother and a beautiful half-elf named Indigo. And finally, how will he keep the Great Forest itself from being destroyed?

The Ravens of Shee

An imprint of Melange Books, LLC

The raven was sent to find the young woman with honey skin, dark hair and purply-blue eyes who spoke the Old Language. He found half-Native American, half-elf Indigo and gave her a urgent message: The Green Lady of Faerie needed her help quickly. The Green Lady was Indigo’s mentor, but Indigo had been told never to return on pain of death or worse, imprisonment underground. How could she help the Faerie-folk and gain the affection of Griffin, her secret love and another half-elf, without being captured by the Dark Faeries of her nightmares?


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