My Adventure Books

The My Adventure Books is a series of Creative Imaginary Adventures for Children!

My Adventure books are a unique way for young people to create their own product. They add their own words and draw their own pictures, so no two books will ever be the same!

(This series is no longer in print, however copies of some are available.  Contact the author for information on how to get a copy.)

bigstock-horses-running-19489697The series includes the following titles:

My Adventures with Sea Turtles
My Adventures with Wolves
My Adventures with Squirrels
My Adventures with Sharks
My Adventures with Sea Horses
My Adventures with Owls
My Adventures with Eagles
My Adventures with Dogs
My Adventures with Deer
My Adventures with Cats
My Adventures with Bats
My Adventure in the Desert
My Adventure in a Meadow
My Adventure in a Castle
My Adventure on a Ranch
My Adventure in an Enchanted Forest
My Adventures with Wild Horses
My Adventure Scuba Diving
My Adventure in a Beehive


Here is what some people said about My Adventure Books:

Donovan (Age 6):  “I really had fun doing it and want to do another one. I am going to bring it to school and have my teacher read it.”

Dominick (Age 10):  “These books are really cool.  You get to write your own story and draw the pictures to go with it”

Jennifer (Mother):  “They are interesting because they let my child decide whether the story will be happy or scary.  Older children can do them by themselves and younger children can do them with their parents”

Lyn (Learning Center director, mother): ” My Adventure Scuba Diving was a thrill. It was almost like being on a real adventure. There is so much to do in the story. It was a perfect blend of creativity and real life.  The story took twists and turns and went from super-silly to awesomely accurate. A great literature experience for science, nature and adventure enthusiasts alike.”



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